The role of sport in modern life. Pros and cons
When you are caught up in the daily routine, it is complicated to find time for yourself. Over time, you can feel depressive states, lack of concentration and energy. Many would view these manifestations as an effect of burnout, while others would say that the reason lies in lack of physical activity. Regardless of who is right, it is clear that you have to undertake something and you are probably still left with the dilemma of choosing between a week of leave or purchasing a subscription to the gym. You may need both, but we'll talk about the importance of sport in modern life and whether it really is necessary.
Arguments in favor of sports
Since childhood we know about the importance of sports in the life of everyone, especially about the positive impact on health. However, with age the frequency of physical activity decreases, but not its importance. According to the experience of some clients of the gym in Chisinau Aquaterra Wellness & SPA, before the first workouts they did not feel the need for it, but soon they noticed the beneficial effects.

Improving physical health. Sport involves continuous physical work, which tones the body and muscles. Endurance and strength exercises are a good way to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems. Likewise, it helps to strengthen immunity, which is affected by the sedentary Home-Office-Home regime. And an hour of any workout allows you to burn from 300 to 600 calories, depending on the intensity.

Development of coordination. Most people have periods and times when they suffer from poor concentration at work and in social life. Therefore, you become less efficient and any urge to do what you planned disappears. While Sport educates these skills, no matter what age you are, or exercises must be performed correctly and cautiously, to achieve the desired results avoiding trauma.

Better physical shape. Many people complain that they do not have enough time to move, accordingly it all comes down to hours spent in the chair and the accumulation of extra pounds. However, physical exercises significantly contribute to maintaining a normal weight without additional restrictions.

Discipline. Did you happen to plan a lot of things for a day, but fail to do them all, and alarms, agenda and reminder apps do not help you? If so, then the reason is in the lack of discipline. Sometimes it happens that you easily evade or waste too much time on tasks that you could do quickly. In sports there are no excuses, because a qualified instructor will know how to motivate you and demand results from you, but without good discipline you will not be able to achieve them. As in the case of The Botanica gym, Aquaterra, where together with the coach you will establish an individual program, according to the proposed purpose, which you will have to follow.

Eliminate stress. A long list of work tasks, deadlines, monthly bills, rent, credit and many other worries that really put you in a state of continuous stress. However, sport is a good way to detach yourself from them and direct all the negative energy accumulated during the day to something beneficial to your body. Plus, one thing shown is that people who do regular physical activity are less likely to end up in depressive states.
Socializing. When we talk about routine we are not only referring to activities, but also to the people with whom you interact. When you spend time only at work and at home, for the most part, you see yourself with the same people. While attending the gym you can always make new interesting acquaintances from different areas of activity and from which you can learn new things.

A qualitative sleep. In modern life we are subjected to a large number of events, both professionally and personally. Insomnia is a result of this large number of worries and thoughts that do not let us sleep. However, all sports involve a lot of physical activity, which will make you feel squeezed like a lemon. And to recover, the body will need a deep and long sleep.
Satisfaction. It's nice to know there's something else you can do besides work. Sport is a pleasant and healthy hobby that will mean for you a spiritual escape and relaxation from the daily avalanche of problems in which you are trapped.

Would there be arguments against the importance of sport in modern life?
The need for physical activity is a practically impossible thing to dispute, unless it is medically contraindicated. However, the biggest problem that prevents people from playing sports is time. It's normal to be dedicated to the work you love and need moments with your family, but your health is just as important. Without this, the quality of life drops dramatically. Therefore, it is necessary to create a balance, prioritizing things correctly and assuming as much as you can lead. By creating a clear schedule, in which to delimit family work and time for yourself, you will be able to come to a better mood. Otherwise, depressive and anxiety States will only increase.

Sport is always necessary, at any age and at any stage of life. Even 15 minutes of daily physical activity can bring amazing results. It is never late to try, to feel on your own skin the positive effects.