Spa Ritual

Aquaterra Wellness&Spa - is the place of  pure indulgence and total relaxation, where You can find an oasis of luxury, harmony, beauty and peace, also will provide You with a haven where you will find the most incredible unique sensations where the mind, body & spirit converge to feel an unforgettable and deeply pleasurable experience. It's time to try on Your own skin the most famous Rituals of the  town!     

SPA RITUAL «Paradise»

«Paradise» includes: gentle exfoliation of the skin, firming body wrap and massage.  This ritual helps to restore the balance and the vitality. Has an exceptional effect on the skin using Premium class cosmetic products, revitalizes and purifies the skin of all the accumulated toxins, stimulates regeneration and rejuvenation proces. Refreshing and relaxing massage with aromatic oils, reduce tension, emotional and physical fatigue also induces a state of tranquility, relaxation and absolute harmony.

120 min - 60 с.u.*

SPA RITUAL «Absolutely indulgence»

«Absolutely indulgence» includes: scrub, body wrapping, reflexology or facial massage, relaxing massage, Jacuzzi and tea. This ritual of sensations and delights is designed for those who want to rediscover the tranquility and balance in the midst of a stressful life, taking advantage of the rebalancing of physical and moral energies. The ritual begins with a scrub, aimed for preparing the skin for intense hydration during body wrapping, it contents a lot of  minerals,  restores skin radiance, softness and firmness. Delicate consistency and active elasticizing principles makes the treatment to be a real elixir for the body.

180 min - 95  с.u.
With Spa zone, for all day - 145 с.u.*


 «He & She» includes: scrub, relaxing massage, jacuzzi and green tea. You will be pampered simultaneously with spa treatments in a special atmosphere, surrounded by candles and listening relaxing music! You'll escape together in a true oasis of love, in a fairytale land where both of You will be treated in a royal way by the professionals from Aquaterra Spa and Wellness!
 Body scrubs and aromatherapy massages included in the composition of this ritual, gives smoothness and revitalizes skin throughout the body.
120 min - 120 с.u. for two persons
With Spa zone, for all day - 220  с.u.

SPA RITUAL «Bachelor party» 

  • Scrub
  • Body Wrap
  • Relaxing massage
  • Jacuzzi
  • Green Tea
The ritual of «Bachelor party» allows You to be pampered in a royal way. Scrub, massage, body wraps, included in the composition of this ritual have numerous benefits as: induction and maintenance of wellbeing, combating unpleasant effects of tiredness, moisturize and smoothing  the skin. A day  at SPA with beauty treatments and relaxation will bring You internal and external equilibrium state that You need.
180 min - 75 с.u.*
 With Spa zone, for all day - 125  с.u.
* The price is per person.