At AQUATERRA Wellness & SPA You can find  the best Solarium in Chisinau –  Sportarredo HPO CITYthe latest generation of unique vertical open Solarium, equipped with high-pressure lamps and cobalt filters, which will help Your skin to maintain an attractive bronze tone.

The four asymmetrical columns guarantee an excellent tanning action on the client, which translates into immediate tanning from the first session  thanks to the 20 high pressure 630W Kalfasun lamps and the 4800W intensive face lamps. These lamps and filters work in combination to generate „soft” UVA rays, which exert gentle impact on the skin .

The new high-pressure stand up is now in the City. Designed to fit in any room thanks to the compact size, the HPO City is a technologically advanced unit with a new security system for cobalt filters (BSS). 

This open design unit features a high-quality audio system with MP3 capabilities and powerful ventilation for an insuperable tanning session.