Plasmolifting™ - new procedure by Aquaterra Wellness & Spa!

Revolutionary discovery of injection that allows to accelerate the natural process of facial skin rejuvenation.

The Plasmolifting™ method is broadly used in cosmetology to stop the ageing processes and make the organism work in the “youth mode”. Due to the intracellular effect of PRP on the organism all visible and hidden signs of skin ageing disappear.

Application of autoplasma (Plasmolifting™) in cosmetology helps to achieve the following results: general skin improvement, skin turgor and elasticity enhancement, wrinkle elimination, complexion enhancement; pigmentation whitening, stimulation of production of own collagen and hyaluronic acid, tissue regeneration stimulation, reduction of photo- and chrono-ageing, “youth mode” activation.

Rejuvenating effect is achieved after the very first course of procedures, and it lasts for up to two years. The result depends on the patient’s initial skin health, age and general well-being.

Plasmolifting is an effective method of rejuvenation without surgeries and side effects!