Cavitation IMPERIUM

Aquaterra Wellness&SPA presents a non-surgical procedure with “liposuction” effect!

Cavitation IMPERIUM is a perfect fit for men and women, who desire to reduce body volume, remove cellulite and refine their slimness.

Cavitation is also called “virtual liposuction” and is one of the most efficient methods of cellulite treatment and fat removal. It’s an effective and painless slim down procedure for particular areas: hips, legs, abdomen, waist, arms.

The procedure doesn’t require a regeneration period, so that you can keep your regular lifestyle.

Multiple scientific researches proved method’s efficiency and safety.   

Recommended course: 7 procedures once in 7-10 days.

In Aquaterra Med Spa center the cavitation is performed by the most modern devise - Imperium Med, made in Italy.

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