Rules and regulations for kids room

Children's room is designed for children over 4 years.  Also, the Club reserves the right to request a birth certificate or its copy just in case.  
In the children's room are allowed the kids of the club members  also the children who are members of the Club.

In accordance with the rules of the club, kids of club members can stay no longer than 2 hours. Overtime will be charged with an additional fee of 3 Euro per hour. Also the children must be brought  and  be taken by the same person.

Parents or supervisors of the  child must inform the babysitter that he/she brought the child, also must inform the babysitter  when taking home the child.

If You left the child in the children's room, You will not be able to leave the territory of  the club.
Customers  of  MedSpa  and Beauty Salon, who are not club members  of Aquaterra,  can also  leave their children in  the Kids Room, paying a fee of 3 Euro / hour. If only the child meets all the requirements.

It is strictly forbidden to bring food and toys from home. If You would like to eat You can use Aquaterra Café. 
During the stay of Your child in the Kids Room, please provide us the information about where You will be  exactly also leave us Your phone number.

Please, let us know in advance about all the individual characteristics of Your child, the distinctive features of his character and his preferences.

Please, first period, visit Your child during workouts, helping him to adapt to the new environment. If the child has an inappropriate behavior (aggression, hysterical states) club has the right to require personal presence of the parents while the child is in the children's room.

Parents whose children attend trainings in Aquaterra, are obliged to ensure  personally that the child has reached to the training. 
If there will be disciplinary misconduct, that may endanger the safety of that child or of  the  entire group, the babysitter reserves the right to ask the child to leave the children’s room.