Group workouts

Cardio workouts

CYCLE - universal cardio workout on special stationary bikes.  Improves the functionality of the cardiovascular system, develops the strength and invigorates leg muscles (45-60 min.).
KANGOO JUMPS – the action of bouncing up and down against gravity without trauma to the musculoskeletal system is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises ever developed. It increases capacity for respiration and circulates more oxygen to the tissues. It is not recommended to eat 3 hours before exercise and 1 hour before exercise is better to eat  nuts and dried fruit (55 min.).

Strength workouts

UPPER BODY –it  is a training for strengthening the muscles of the body and hands. 
Contributes to the subcutaneous fat burning and developes the  resistance of  muscles (55 min.).
ABS + BACK – is a program aimed to develop and  strength the abdominal and back muscles, using different dumbbells and other sport equipment. It helps to improve Your  posture and  strengthens spinal column (55 min.).
ABS + STRETCH – is a workout which strengthen abdominal muscles combined with relaxation extensions. Helps to sculpt Your body (55 min.).
ABL –  strength training to strengthen leg muscles, buttocks and abdominal area. Contributes to the subcutaneous fat burning, develops the cardiovascular system (55 min.).
TOTAL BODY – complete workout to strengthen all muscle groups. Recommended for all levels
 (55 min.).
PUMP  – Strength training for all muscle groups, with increasing their tone. A high energy, whole body sculpting class using special props such as the BOSU TM, Body Bars TM, weights, bands, balls and steps.  Pump up stagnant strength training routines now!It is recommended for women and men (55 min.).
BUMS+ABS - training with the maximum impact on the buttock muscles and abdominals. It recommended for all levels (55 min.).
FITBALL -  the Fitball provides excellent support for back, neck and joints. If you’re someone who often experiences neck pain, try a Fitball class and enjoy a strong abdominal workout while your head and neck feel completely supported. Designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, develops the sense of balance, strengthens and develops muscle endurance (55 min.).
SUPER PRESS –- Strength training for men to strengthen abdominal muscles. Exercises are easy to follow and You are able to focus on your technique. It shapes, sculpts and tones your muscles (30 min.).

Cardio + Strength workouts

TRX - This class trains Your entire body and develop muscle force. Your body is suspended and it uses its own weight in different inclination plans. Increases flexibility, balance and mobility . This type of training is suitable for anyone, because You can control the level of resistance and difficulty. It is a perfect exercise program for both rehabilitation and for an intensive fitness program (45 min.).
CROSS FIT-  The CrossFit prescription is performing “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program, establishes functional capacity for body control and range of motion, develop ability to control external objects and produce power 
(55 min.).

Dance workouts

ZUMBA – are "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.  Is a great mix of Latin flavor and international beats designed to tone your body from head to toe. You will learn the steps to four basic rhythms (merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton). It develops the cardiovascular system, improves coordination and  energy (55 min.).
STRIP DANCE - Hours are intended for emancipation, removal of constraints and developing emotional relaxation (55 min.).
DANCE MIX -  combines a mix of traditional high and low impact moves with different dance styles: Just-Funk, Latina, Dancehall, Vogue, House dance, Salsa;  for a non-stop training with intermediate to advanced choreography. Develops the cardiovascular system, improves coordination, energy and stamina. Increase your flexibility and strength. Makes You feel amazing.
BELLY DANCE - workout with elements of oriental dances, develops plasticity, coordination and sense of rhythm. These classes are distinguished by a particular effect of  the recovery of the abdominal cavity (55 min.).
Fighting workouts
KICK BOXING  – is a hybrid of boxing, martial arts and aerobics that offers an intense cross-training and total-body workout . It decreases the  stress and increases the  endurance and cardiovascular power (60 min.).
JIU-JITSU Tradidional – is a movement – based martial art involving the use of throwing, stirking and locking techniques against armed and unarmed attackers. The emphasis is on using an opponent’s movement and body weight to your advantage – allowing You to defend yourself, no matter how big or strong your attacker is. Jiu Jitsu can improve Your confidence and  discipline (55 min). 

Aqua Aerobics

AQUA MIX – These exercises in the pool are an ideal way for beginners to start an exercise program. You can train all groups of muscles, your lungs and heart. It is a gentle way to build strength and cardio-respiratory muscles (45 min.).
AQUA NOODLE. It’s  a training with using special noodles, develops coordination of movements. It is a safe method to keep You fit (45 min.).
AQUA POWER – Strength training with  special dumbbells, that strengthen and increase resistance. Stimulates lymphatic circulation and lower the blood pressure (45 min.).

Body-Mind workouts 

STRETCH - workout designed for extension of all groups of muscles, develop flexibility and joint mobility (45 min.).
PILATES – consists in a code of exercises that improve posture, body strength, alignment, balance between all muscles, and range of motion. As a result, the body becomes more functional, develops a harmonic rhythm of movement and gains health and vitality (55 min.).
PILATES + – You’ll get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility with using special equipment.  You may also have better posture and a better sense of well-being. Is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core — the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh (55 min.).
YOGA – is a holistic way that connects body, mind and soul.It  improves  the breathing capacities, increases global strength, balance and flexibility. Induce relaxation and general wellness sensation (55min.).
FLY YOGA – Flying Yoga uses a low hung fabric hammock to support the weight of the participant into various yoga poses. The way that the hammock supports a person’s weight is what makes this movement art form so innovative and different from other forms of yoga Improve Posture Decompress Your Spine. Benefits: improves spinal health, zero compression inversions, increase brain activity allowing You to think & function better (55 min.).

STRETCH EZE – a training that uses a special stretch band which increases movement coordination, eliminates muscle blocking and high muscle tone, reduces physical inhibition, increases stress resistance, stimulates a balanced activity of the most important vital systems – respiratory, cardiopulmonary, endocrine. As a result, the emotional workload caused by hormonal imbalance and physical blocking gets lower (55 min.).