Kids fitness

Aquaterra Wellness &Spa offers  special group programs designed for children from  4 to 13 years old. The programs are divided into three age groups: 4-7; 8-10; 11-13.

Group workouts for children:


  • Modeling – defilade on catwalk, body language, the basic rules of ethics. Modeling can also help to develop social skills and increase children’s self-esteem and become more responsible.
  • Gymnastics – learning the basics of gymnastics. Developing strength, resistance and vestibular apparatus. Games.
  • Acrobatics – gymnastics exercises which develops the power, agility, jumping and balance.


  • Karate – It provides many benefits such as: enviable physical condition, the child will learn how to breathe properly and how to fall so to avoid injuries. They will develop their concentration and attention.
  • Taekwondo – strengthens the skeleton, strengthens the heart and lungs, prevents the risk of the obesity. It can also influence the child's character: the timid will gain self-confidence and will learn to externalize, while nervous children will learn concentration and self-control.
  • GPT – general physical training, development of power, speed and strength, is a practice that takes the form of a game.


  • Dance Mix – dance program with choreography of different dance styles.


  • Swimming – training and improving of swimming techniques.


  • Yoga – a fascinating and informative training which helps to achieve absolute harmony, strengthen the muscular system also developing the flexibility.
  • Fly Yoga – it has a number of benefits to the human body and health. Is designed to encourage self awareness and self esteem. Children gain enhanced concentration and flexibility. Fly Yoga also promotes better balance, and offers your Young Flyer a sense of courage and strength.


Personal training for any type of children’s activity – an individual approach to your child, provided by qualified coaches, which will help Your child  to achieve better health, higher self-esteem and confidence and to increase overall body tone. Working out with a personal trainer can be a safe environment for children to get fit and strong without feeling self-conscious.